Learning how to keep my mouth shut.

First post.  About people.  Why are people so horrible?  I didn’t want to start this out on a negative note, but my mood is shitty on this lovely Friday morning.

I wish that I didn’t let shit affect me like it does.  I wish that I could just let it all roll off my back, but I carry it in me like a growing fetus – and it does grow.  Our wedding is next month and I don’t need the drama.  Right now, on our happy day, or ever.  I should be enjoying this time that I have before the wedding, but instead I’m bothered.  I wish there was a switch to just turn off my feelings.  Poof!  Go away.

There are times that I think it’ll all be over if I just stopped caring about everything and everyone… but that isn’t me, so in the end it’s a lose/lose kinda thing.  Awesome.


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