September 17, 2011

Oi – What. A. Day!  My day started off with me sneaking around the house, gathering some things for my secret “meeting” for David’s wedding present.  Sneaking around wasn’t at all hard since David’s eyes were glued to NHL ’11 on the TV in the front room.  🙂  After I assembled all my things, I headed over to my parent’s house to say a quick hello to her stamping ladies and my dear friend, Sarah.  Now, this secret meeting was one of those meetings that involved some alcoholic beverages, so I was lucky enough to have my little sister to chauffeur me around.  I wasn’t by any means WASTED, but definitely feelin’ good!  We end up being 40 minutes late to the meeting (I HATE being late) and it lasted a whole 3 hours.

The meeting ends and we head back to my parent’s house for some Panda Express for dinner – Mmm!  Once we get there, I go out to the side of the house to throw some things away and the dogs (Bear – a little sausage wiener-dog and Sadie – an 80lb mutt) are following me.  All they ever want to do is PLAY!  So after I throw  away the trash, I start running to the back of the house after the dogs, get to the corner & WHOOSH! slip on their leash and the right side of my face is introduced to the concrete.  OUCH!  All I can do is scream and kick my feet as Sadie stands over me wagging her tail and Bear is trying to nudge his way under my head, licking furiously at my face with his poop breath.  My little sister finally comes out, giggly and asking, “What are you doing?!” – I find out later that her and my dad thought I was playing with the dogs and were asking themselves why I was laying face down in the area where the dogs pee & poop! – Lys screams for dad to come out and he gets me to slowly turn over on my back & finally to sit up.  As I look at the wall, my vision in my right eye is twitching like crazy.  I’m thinking, “GREAT! I really messed myself up. & A MONTH BEFORE THE WEDDING!!!”  My dad helps me inside, sits me on the couch & gets me some ice to put on my temple.  Lys calls David and here’s there in NO time (we only live about 10 minutes away from my parent’s – Thank GAWD!).  He shows up and is as cool as a cucumber – helping to calm my nerves which are going crazy and I end up face down in the toilet.  Just what I need.  A busted up face and now I’m puking.  Yay.  My mom gets home and drives David and I to the ER where we spend the next 3 hours waiting, puking, shivering …it was a great time.

 Two CT Scans later we find out that I have 5 fractures around my eye socket and am referred to the Head and Neck specialist to see if I will need surgery – Awesome.

Living on ibuprofen and ice packs.

My family is funny.

Day two.  Just a little swollen.

Day three.  Mornings are the worst for swelling.

Black-eye is REALLY comin’ in now.

Waiting to see the specialist.  And the verdict isss…

NO SURGERY! Yaayyy!!

So  the “floor” of my eye socket is pretty busted up, but not bad enough for surgery.  My cheek bone is fractured in two different places which is causing my jaw to ache, even more than it did before this accident, because the jaw muscle is connected to the cheek bone.  So anytime I eat, talk or just plain MOVE my jaw it puts strain on that fracture.  Even typing about it makes it hurt! 😉  But I could care less because there is NO SURGERY needed!!! Phew.

Day four.  Yellow, orange, green, purple, red… who needs eye-shadow when you have a black-eye??

Thankful that I didn’t do too much damage to my face or even worse, my body!  Just a few achy bones & bruises.  I’m definitely feeling old.  Also very thankful for a very supportive family who try to make light of the whole situation by calling me: Twinkle Toes, Scarface and, my personal favorite, Fractured Jacquot… cracking jokes whenever they get the chance.  And to my lovely soon-to-be husband – Ahhh, where would I be without you.  Thank you for putting up with my cranky ol’ self in the mornings, waiting for Drs to show up, getting me frozen veggies to put on my face & still kissing this ugly mug 😉  I love you<3

Can’t forget all the love I received on Facebook from family & friends and from all my IG bitches.  I really appreciate you all!




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