Wedding Shower!

Wow.  Time has FLOWN by.  I cannot believe my wedding shower is already over & done with!  My Aunt Donna & Tante Doris were the hosts of the shindig, but my Tante Doris held the shower at her house.  They both offered though – SO lucky to have such loving aunties.  Here are some pictures that my lovely sister, Shauna caught:

As favors, everyone took home a little pot o’ pansies!

Yummy Red Velvet cupcakes that my sister, Shauna made for the shower.  She decorated them so beautifully!  PERFECT for the garden theme!

My cousin, Dana and her sweet girls Audrey & Madeline

Chatting with some of my favorite ladies

Me with my hockey girlfriends!  Missed them since our boys got kicked out of the hockey league …AGAIN! 😉

Nikki & Kathy – such a nice picture of you two!

My dear friends Jenny & Kim

HMama & MamaSuz – my weekly wine buddies ❤

An AMAZING Bride&Groom board put together by my Tante Doris.  Everyone got a good laugh at David & I’s changes through growing up.  Mostly David’s 😉

Me & Autumn – LOVE her little face.

Tante Doris, my MIL Cindy, me, my momma & Tante Donna – Love these ladies!

Me, my mother-in-law, Sarah & BBHarrison – Cannot wait to meet the little guy! He is due the day after our wedding!

Montana, Leigh-Anne, Shauna, Angela & Kayla

Christine & my mom’s best friend, Cheryl

SO thankful for ALL the wonderful gifts we recieved.  David & I are set for life!

Bitchin’ halloween statues from Lys & Chris.  LOVE these guys.

The sweetest little envelope – decorated especially for me by Audrey

Silly Audrey!

UGH!  I wish my eyes were OPEN in this picture!  All my bridesmaids looking so perrrty.

David and I got EVERYTHING put away on Sunday!  It took literally all day, but we did it!  Only one more month until we’ll have to do it all over again.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Shower!

  1. Mom says:

    I love the way you write!
    And I LOVE you!!!

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