This weekend was a busy one.  I left work early on Friday so David and I could go get our marriage license! ❤ Then David’s boys took him out for his bachelor party that night!  They went to Slaters 50/50 for some deliciously huge burgs, then off to a hockey pregame Ducks .vs. Kings & then out on the town for some boys only debauchery.

I HAD to take a picture of them all (minus Adriano) before they left.  I didn’t hear any grunting or disapproval from any of them 😉

Got this picture text from David’s best man, Taylor.  I freaked out a little bit because they were all in a 15 passenger van!  I just imagined them on the freeway, David on the floor with no seat belt, that thing flipping &.. well, yeah.  But I was reassured that they were still in the parking lot when this picture was taken.  🙂

The next day David woke up feeling fine (I was sure it was going to be a horrible day for him)!  Good thing because we had a busy day ahead of us!  We were supposed to go get tattooed, but our tattoo artist ended up cancelling because he was sick.  Bummer.  All things happen for a reason though!  I was determined to set up our BBQ and opened up the giant box it came in to discover that it had a huge crack in the side table – awesome.  So we drove out to South Coast Plaza to Crate&Barrel and not only exchanged our broken table for a new one, but returned the double presents we got from the wedding shower!  Phew!

And here it is!  Our adorable little Weber.  miss_kels on Instagram  said, “It’s so retro meets modern” and I couldn’t have said it any better myself!  David & I both love it so much – for our own reasons 🙂

Our first BBQ dinner – Burgers OF COURSE!  SO yum.

Sunday morning I woke up to an empty bed, reached for my phone (to check instagram, of course) and couldn’t find it!  In the air I could smell a delicious breakfast in the makings.  I go out to find David cooking up some bacon, waffles and eggs!  Mmm.  What a pleasant surprise!  And my phone is on the counter next to him!  I ask him why he stole my phone and he tells me that he wanted to document the breakfast making so I could post the pictures! ❤  He knows me so well.

Using our new waffle maker!  It even beeps when the waffle is ready!


We also headed over to my parent’s house to pick up our new dining room table and chairs!  Another fabulous gift from my parents for our wedding.  Mom – you are too good to us.  Really.

Love love LOVE it!  All kinds of storage underneath (which we could ALWAYS use more of) and, if you can’t tell, it is a higher table and chairs which I can’t get enough of!  It’s SO nice to finally have somewhere to eat other than the COUCH!

And of course, the table wouldn’t be complete without some Fall table decor!  Picked up the pumpkin guys from Vons and those leaves are COASTERS that we got from the wedding shower!  So cute and match PERFECTLY with our house.

I love weekends like these.  Clean house, new fun things to look at and use, got SO much done… ahhhhh.  I could use more weekends like this.


One thought on “Weekend.

  1. Sarah says:

    So apparently I need to check this site more often – new bbq AND table&chairs? Love ’em!! Can’t wait to visit you and see ALL your new stuff! ❤

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