My brain hurts.

TWO WEEKS until our wedding and now the world has decided to throw me a curve ball.  Well, fuck you.

Let me start off by saying that the venue David & I chose to get married at is AMAZING.  Beyond amazing.  It is an all inclusive kind of place.  So the only things we had to provide were the photographer (check), the officiant (check) and the booze (almost check).  Every other vendor was included in our packaged deal.  How wonderful is that?!  On top of all that, Michelle, the owner of the venue, doubles as a wedding planner!  & the most sweetest, most helpful wedding planner ever!  We love her to death and recommend that anyone getting married in Orange County, or wanting to get married here, choose the Jones Victorian Estate as their venue.  My mother has already said that my little sister has no choice but to get married there too 😉

From the beginning I have been hesitant with the DJ that JV provides.  I knew a girl from high school that got married there as well & she said it was wonderful, but was adamant about me finding another DJ – I guess he botched up her walk down the aisle.  Her grand fricken entrance!  So I made sure to share my concerns with Michelle and she reassured me that it was a big misunderstanding & that the DJ was not to blame for the fudge up.  Well, okkaaay.  If you say so, lady.  We definitely trust her opinion, so we decide to stick with him.  So David and I set up an appointment with DJJon, he ends up being 45 minutes late.  Strike two!  That was at the beginning on September.  Now, over a month later and TWO WEEKS away from our wedding, I ask  DJJon if he has put together a CD for my dad & I to practice our dance too.  I gave him very detailed instructions on what we wanted to do & he said that he would work on it that night over a week ago when I asked him.  Now he tells me that he is “going to try to work on it tomorrow.”  That he has other weddings before mine (Duh! You’re a DJ!) and to confirm for him what we are doing.  So I ask if he is keeping all our emails and call him out because he has told me that he’s working on other weddings & that he’ll work on mine “next week” or “tonight” three different times since we started this whole thing over a month ago.  I just would like to know when he really plans on working on it &, FOR ONCE, get an honest answer out of this man!  This time I make sure to include Michelle in this email because I am sick of getting the run around and am starting to get a little nervous.  So of course, NOW he wants to be all professional because I’ve included his boss.  He starts off with the “Dear, Kristen” – probably the first time he has actually addressed me in all honesty…

“Dear Kristen,
I have worked on your wedding and finished the playlists as I said I would.  You asked me to cut a song that you have changed.  Editing is time consuming work and I normally charge for that in addition to a  fog machine.  I am also planning on getting a costume to add to your wedding.   I understand that you are anxious but it seems like you have been throwing attacks on my integrity.  What I suggest is that you have a discussion with Michelle as to whether or not you want me to provide the service.  I am prepared but as for the extra work, I need time as my schedule is very busy.”
Cut a song that I have changed?  No, no, no, no.  I changed the easiest part of our father/daughter dance.  The complex part has been the same the whole fucking time.  It is what we agreed on FROM THE START.  & who are you to criticize how many times we change our song?!  We can change our song as many times as we like!  We aren’t paying you to judge.  Doesn’t affect him in ANY way because he hasn’t even started on cutting the last part of the dance anyways!  & never ONCE did he mention anything about extra charges.  Don’t you even worry your pretty little head over the fog machine, Mr. DJ because I’ve already purchased them myself because you have been SO unreliable from the start.  & when we mentioned costumes in our first meeting, it was said that he didn’t have to dress up, but he insisted and was all excited about it.  Now it’s extra work?!  Now that you’ve lagged on doing something so simple for you to do because, after all, that is what you do?!  So instead of responding to him, because I just would have been the bitchiest bridezilla EVER, I told Michelle that I was about to lose it on him and asked her what I should do.  And now she is handling it because she is an amazing woman.  But his unprofessional blow up leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  This is strike three!  How dare he threaten me two weeks before the wedding!  David and I both feel that this is something he doesn’t even want to do?!  Why would we want someone like that working the entertainment at our wedding?? Being that it is two weeks away though, I don’t see any other option but to use him.  I just hope he doesn’t fudge everything up.

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