Honeymoon! <3

David & I decided to drive up the coast to Oregon for our honeymoon.  David had never been there before and I was ecstatic to see the BEAUTIFUL fall colors!  I had been following a tattoo artist, named Silje, on Instagram and fell in love with her geometrical flowers.  Turns out the tattoo shop she works at is in Portland, OR!  PERFECT!  I showed David the flowers, he loved them, and we booked an appointment with her.  I wish we could have stayed for another week, so we could have had more time to explore this wonderful state.  Anyways, I finally uploaded the pictures!  There are LOTS, so let’s get started…

Our honeymoon started off at the Hilton on PCH.  We were fortunate enough to get our suite as a wedding gift from our dear friends the Kearns family & mamaSuz.  Thanks so much guys! ❤

Our view from the patio.  Hello, ocean!

Hungover me & my lovely dress.  I wasn’t as hungover as poor David was 😦

All my hair crap! LOVED my birdcage and spikey hair piece.  It all fit so perfectly with our Hallowedding theme 🙂

David’s AWESOME tie!  & precious boutineer.

We drove half way up to a sweet little bed-n-breakfast in Sacramento.

Look at how cute it is!

In the morning, my coffee was waiting for me right outside our door!

We headed downstairs for a delicious breakfast! We sat out on the front porch and enjoyed the cool weather, the colorful trees, and watched locals pass by.

First was a fruit salad topped with yogurt, whipped cream, and some shaved nuts.  SO yummy!

David’s magnificent stache had bed head 😉

Next on the menu was this french toast with sauteed plums, kiwi, and of course bacon – Yummy overload!

SO cozy ❤

Annddd… we’re on the road again…

Valley of dead trees.  I love the look of dead trees almost as much as the living ones…

I see snow!

Found this little beaut when we stopped to take a leak.  We must be getting closer!

Yes, this man does have two shot guns mounted up on his back window.  I wish we could do this is California! 😉

The sun is setting!  Are we there yet?!

We finally made it!  Our cute little cabin…

Me and my handsome HUSBAND! Eeeee ❤

There was moss on EVERYYYTHING.  I die.

All kinds of firewoods!

Let’s take a peek inside!

So dreamy! ^ My camera was left in the car over night so it was a little frozen ;\ But I LOVED the affect!

We used the fireplace pretty much every day.  We decided, once we buy a house years from now, that it MUST have a fireplace!

The perfect reads 😉

The amazing kitchen.  And look at those chandeliers!

We were surrounded by mossy trees ❤

My withering bouquet.

The next day, we headed in to Portland to get tattooed!  We got there early so we could walk around the neighborhood first.  Of course I took a million pictures of all the fall leaves.

We found this sweet drawing on some garage.

…right next to this adorable house.

More prettiness…

Leaves completely covered the sidewalks ❤

More art work…

And, of course, I found a Mickey 😉

All the houses were SO colorful!  David and I would fit right in!

Had to get used to those pesky one way streets ;|

Even more art work.  This was on the wall of the little restaurant we ate at before we got tattooed.  Their breakfast burritos were SO good!

The following day, we went back in to Portland to scope out the shopping scene.  Wasn’t much.  But the COLORS! ;D

And this guy…

My favorite, Abe ❤

This fat little kitty!

We played a round of mini golf.  It was underground and had blacklights everywhere!  What a crazy experience.  And perfect since David has taken to golfing lately 🙂

On my birthday we took a little trip to Multnomah Falls.  It was, of course, beautiful…

Crazy split rock.

Tehe 😉

I was getting soaked in this picture!

This is as far as we went.  We still had to head back for birthday dinner.  Plus we were just too lazy and coolllld!

HUGE leaf!

More moss ❤

This is a REAL picture!  I swear!

I took this picture of David just to prove it! 😉

And to end this post (FINALLY, sheesh!), some more fall leaves! Eeeee!!!

The leaves literally GLOWED in the sunshine! ❤

A lot of people told us that we weren’t coming home from Oregon.  It’s true, we did love it, but are SO happy to be home with our kitties, family, and friends.


6 thoughts on “Honeymoon! <3

  1. Jenn Pfahler says:

    The pictures are a perfect! You two look so extremely happy and that makes the heart smile 🙂 So glad you found the one that makes you shine like you do! Congrats again to you both! Love ya ❤

    • monstarrlove says:

      Aww ❤ Thanks, Jenn! We are extremely happy – thank goodness! Since we do have the rest of our lives with each other! 😉 You also look very happy, ma! Can’t wait to see pictures from your special day!!

  2. Shauna says:

    The colors on the trees are amazing! I never knew they weer tha bold! Your pics are beautiful!

  3. Joan Gilpin says:

    This is your calling. Thank you for sharing with me. Beautiful just beautiful. So happy for you both. Live long and love…..all the best to you both….Your off to a great start

  4. Happy honeymoonin! you guys look amazing 😀 Write me at Danielleorama[at]hotmail[dot]com for kitty info!

  5. Claire (kawaiigirl79) says:

    Love love love all the pictures! And your honeymoon looked perfect! I know you and David will have many happy years ahead of you 🙂 xxxxxx

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