Our first Thanksgiving!

Yaayyy!  Now that David and I are husband and wife, we get to go through all the “firsts” again!  We were lucky enough to eat three Thanksgiving meals this year.  Our first was spent with my brother-in-law’s family.  It’s always lovely to visit with them and listen to their amazing accents.  They came to the US from South Africa and we’re thankful that they did.  Without them my sister would not have met her husband and we would not have our handsome nephew, Devon.  Not to mention adding six more people to our extended family list.  I love family ❤


Alice cuddling up to my little sister, Alyssa.

Cutest little Kayla showing us her best frog legs 🙂

Me, LovelyLys, and Haven

We also celebrated Leigh-Anne’s 18th birthday!

Our next Thanksgiving dinner was spent with my mom’s side of the family.  We all went up to my Tante Doris and Onkel Pat’s house for quite the feast!

Before heading up to my Aunt’s, I got to brush my kittynephew.

He CLEARLY loved it 😉

Here is a lovely picture of all the boys.  Shorties in the middle!

My Onkel Pat with his silly apron!

David and I cheesin’ with one of my cousin’s daughters, Madeline ❤

You can see EVERYTHING from their house.  They have the most wonderful view!  I just barely caught the sun going down over the mountains out in the distance – SO pretty!

Love it!

Our third Thanksgiving dinner took place at my dear friend Sarah’s house.  She had a Rock Band Pot Luck.  We were an hour & a half late because David was golfing with my dad and brother’s and we brought the STUFFING!  One of the main dishes!  Whoopsie ;\ It was a fun way to end our first Thanksgiving as husband and wife ❤


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