Oh. Hey, WordPress. Remember me?

Its been a whole month since my last post? Oi. Well, clearly one of my new years resolutions will be to… WRITE MORE POSTS! 😉

A quick little update of our lives… (at least I’ll try to make it quick)


We got our first Christmas tree together!

Growing up, we usually had a fake tree because the smell bothered my mom.  She has a sensitive sniffer 🙂 So I was so so sooo excited to get a real guy!  We set him up right by our front door, so that’s the first thing you smell when you walk in… instead of dirty dishes 😉

That little light up Santa holds a great place in my heart ❤ That was my grandma’s & when she passed away my dad asked if I wanted it. Of course, I did! I used to have him on my desk, at my old job, year round.  Now he only comes out to add a little sparkle to our dinky Christmas decor.


We tortured both our cats purely for our own pleasure…

This only happened once, to each of them because they absolutely hated it 😐 The Santa hat/beard became an ornament on our tree instead.


We celebrated my niece, Montana’s, 12th birthday! I can’t believe she’ll be a little teenager next year!

Spent lots of time with family & friends…

These two. LOVE them ❤ Taylor is David’s best friend and was also his best man in our wedding & Emily is a dear dear friend of mine. I’m so happy that Taylor has brought her in to my life. She is a little ray of sunshine. Always a good time when we hang out with them 🙂

Audrey and Avery always have fun jumping on David whenever we have family get togethers. It melts my stinkin’ heart. Cannot WAIT to see him with our own kids one day ❤

Lys & I are both already 6foot. Add 5inch heels to that & you get two amazon women! Doesn’t help that Sarah & Misty are both just barely 5footers 😉 I was so happy that I got to see Misty when she was down visiting family for Christmas. And it’s always good seeing my dear friend, Sarah.


I made some awesome gifts! I’m REAL proud of myself. Found the idea on Pinterest and totally one-upped it!

They called it a “man-bouquet”. Cute, right?! My brothers were pleased as punch to receive them. What man wouldn’t be?!

We also received some pretty amazing hand made gifts…

David’s mom made these adorable owl pillows for us! When I opened them I asked where she bought them from! 😉 I’m still trying to convince her to make and sell them on etsy!


Oh, Christmas morning. I always feel so jolly during these holidays. Although it was 75+ degrees on Christmas day, it was lovely as ever. I was dressed in a heavier coat & a huge comfy scarf before we headed out to my parents, and David just looked at me and said, “You know it’s going to be like 80degrees today, right?” Bahumbug. Christmas is supposed to COLD! We’re supposed to be bundled up, sipping hot cocoa with loved ones around the fireplace! Not sweating bullets because you refuse to get dressed in a summer dress and stick to coats and scarves despite the fact that the sun was shining bright!

I also can’t let go of Halloween this year. It will always be a Halloween to remember, that’s for sure.

We spent an hour of our first Christmas as husband and wife in traffic, driving out to my Aunt’s house in Corona. Traffic going that way is alwaaays bad.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and wish everyone the happiest, safest New Year!  2012 is going to be even better than 2011 – I can feel it! ❤









One thought on “Oh. Hey, WordPress. Remember me?

  1. mom says:

    Great pictures! I can’t believe you did that to your kitties!!! TORTURE!
    Your tree looks so pretty too… Love you both!

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