Remember that one time when I got married?

Yeah, me too. Seems like so long ago already! We FINALLY picked out pictures to go in to our wedding album. Cannot wait to see what April Smith comes up with – I’m sure it’ll be something incredible.

So I figured it’s time to finally share some photos of our Hallowedding on this here little (forgotten) blog! There a BILLION to choose from. A BILLION that I love. So I’ll be scattering them out in to seperate posts 🙂 Today I’ll be sharing some details, getting ready, and the first look. Ready? Lets go!

Good luck!

Our welcome sign that Michelle, the lady that owns Jones Victorian Estate, made for us. How awesome is that!? I love her. I wish I could keep her in my back pocket to plan all our events in our lives! This sign was the first thing our guests saw.


My lovely dress.Image

My bitchin’ skeleton tights that I found on Ebay. Too bad they were hidden under my dress most of the night.Image

My momma tying my sash and helping me out with my GORGEOUS amethyst necklace that David bought me for a wedding gift. ❤ It was perfect because I didn’t really have a necklace that I wanted to wear.ImageImage

Some lip stick shots. My little sister giving me a hand. She did my make-up for me. Came out great, huh?ImageImageImage

This one is pretty awesome 🙂Image

My witchey shoes. Image

My bouquet that Flower Allie did an amazing job on. LOVED those thistles.Image

Now, my handsome husband ❤Image

How awesome is his tie!ImageImage

Ready to get this show on the road!Image

Our invites. We got lucky with these big bad mammajammas. Found them at Michaels and I fell in love! They match PERFECTLY! So instead of making the whole thing ourselves, we bought them 😉Image

We did add on to the RSVP cards though. Cut and paste on the fence with the raven.Image

Cute shot of our rings ❤Image

Now, the first look. I’m SO happy we decided to do this. Is what such a precious moment for just the two of us. Well, and the photographers 😉 


Notice where David’s gaze is falling 😉 We bought my dress 6 sizes too big to fit my chichis… unfortunately the first lady we went to for alterations cut in some strange darts that made that area just a bit too small for my dirty pillows -.-ImageImageImageImageImage

Our ceremony was real short and sweet.  Mainly because my wedding brain forgot to give the man marrying us a big piece of it ;\ Whoops! We asked 10 of our dearest friends and family to write out a few sentences about love and marriage and they were supposed to be read out loud during the ceremony. I was pretty sad when I realized I’d screwed up, but nothing I can do now!

Look at this guy! David and I both thought that his look (& feel – he had a great accent too!) fit PERFECTLY in to the whole thing.Image

Taylor (the best man) walking David’s mom down the aisle.Image

Here comes the groom and his mens!Image

My lovely Sarah was the first one down the aisle for us ladies. Deciding to do lanterns bouquets instead of just the bouquets was probably the best idea ever! How great do they look? I loved them ❤Image

Then my dearest Heather. I let all the ladies pick out their own dresses (with some guidelines, of course) and I loved that every dress fit the ladies personalities. After they chose their dresses, I made sure the men’s ties kinda matched up with their dresses.Image

My oldest sister and matron of honor, Shauna with her son and one of our ring barriers, Devon walked down together.Image

How cute does he look in his little suit ❤Image

Then my little sister and maid of honor, Alyssa!Image

My gorgeous little fairy nieces, Haven and Montana, as my flower girls and our other ring barrier and nephew Joseph finished the line up. We made their tutus and their wings are actually butterflies, but we covered their little bodies up with tulle. I found the lanterns and casket ring box on etsy. The ring box is definitely a favorite of mine 🙂Image

Waiting for me to come down the aisle…Image

I asked both my mom and dad to walk me down the aisle ❤ Image

I love that you can see a little bit of everyone’s costumes in this shot.Image

The hand off. Look at how happy my dad looks! He gave David one last chance to run 😉Image


A great view of everyone and everything.Image

You may kiss the bride…Image

WE DID IT! ❤ImageImage


That wasn’t too bad, was it? I’ll get to posting the reception pictures, my favorites of David and I, and some more great details as soon as I can. There are SO many that I just LOVE, so it may take me awhile 😉



“You learn about the cruelty of time, the cruelty of fickleness. You learn that it’s possible for the person who knew you the best to eventually know nothing at all. You counted on them always knowing. You took solace in someone keeping score. But reliance is the first thing to go in a break up. You lose the right to call someone. You lose the right to ask how they’re doing. Imagine that. One day you had a VIP pass to their life and the next, you’re shut out completely. They’ll tell their grandma more things than they’d tell you.”

I saw this on a ladies blog that I read & it is so relevant to how I’ve been feeling. Although, I must say, this is a different kind of breakup. & definitely not the first. Never gets easier.

This quote is brought to you by: Thought Catalog


As an early (A whopping 5 months. That’s how I roll.) birthday present to David, Emily and I went in together and got some awesome seats for him and his best friend, Taylor, to go to the Ducks .vs. Kings game in LA.  It was perfect because David is a Ducks fan and Taylor is a Kings fan!  I decided to be their chauffeur for the night so they could both party for their birthdays, but wasn’t too thrilled with the fact that I’d be stuck out in LA, by myself, while they were in the game.  Lys had a class to make up, Sarah was in San Diego, & Emily didn’t end up coming down with Taylor.  My dad ended up coming with me.  We went to the movies and saw Wanderlust & it turned out being a fun night! But that’s when it hit me – I have no friends/girlfriends.  Although this is something I have brought upon myself, it still makes me sad & almost depressed to think about it.  Sometimes it makes me even regret some of the choices I have made.

This past year I decided that I needed to start respecting myself more & get rid of all negativity in my life.  Its been quite a struggle, but I have a great family & husband, that support me wholeheartedly, to help me through it.  I let go of a handful of people that weren’t supportive; that couldn’t stand seeing me happy; that just flat out put me down or made me feel left out.  After all, those aren’t really friends.  A friendship is a relationship that both parties have to work to keep alive and I was feeling some relationships were very one-sided.  It’s funny to see how a friendship just dwindles away to almost nothing when that one side is taken away.  It’s a huge punch in the face of reality.  It hurts.  But this is life and I’ve come to terms with that.  Kind of.  These past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling REALLY down about it all.  I seriously considered emailing one of those friends to try and rekindle the friendship we once had, but since then have decided that that is a terrible idea.  Nothing had changed.. I found that out the last time we tried to be friends again.  So why would it be different this time?  I guess I just like the thought of having childhood friends still.  To be able to say, “We’ve been friends since the 4th grade!”  To have someone that really knows me.  But along with that feeling comes the bad feelings.  The fights over the DUMBEST things.  The one sided friendship.  The blame game – and it’s always my fault.  And the guilt trips.  But I’d have a girlfriend again!  Someone to drink wine with on any given week day.  Someone to call up & say, “OMG. Guess what?!” and have inside jokes from YEARS ago with.  To have that sisterhood that we once had back.  It seems as though the bad outweighs the good in this situation though because I’d be batshitcrazy to go back to that.  And everyone around me can and do tell me the same.  We used to have fun.  We used to do everything together.  We used to trust each other.  Now, I have to worry if she’s going to turn around & tell all my secrets to her other friends.  Or wonder if she talks as much shit on me as she does on her other so called “friends”.  That just isn’t right.  I understand people have their own opinions of people and weather they’d like to force those opinions on others is their own choice, but it just doesn’t seem like something you should have to worry about when it comes to your BEST FRIEND.  Two-faced is not a quality I want to see in my best friend.  But I still miss her.  Does it ever get easier?  This is worse than breaking up with a boyfriend!  I just have to keep my promise to myself and stay arms length away.  In the long run these will be the best decisions I’ve ever made – i just know it.  Just keep thinking of all the good people I have in my life and be thankful for them.  Give them my all instead of giving it to people who could really give two shits about me.  And I have a lot to give!

I’d rather have no friends than shitty friends.

I need to get out of here.

Older women are JUST as bad as high school girls.  Hm, imagine that.  So that saying “it gets better with age” is a big steaming pile of bullshit?  I think so.


Welp, I’ll just keep my head down and steer clear.

Hmm.. yup.


I saw this on Caitlin’s tumblr and had to share.  Funny what getting married does to you. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you have that one person (outside of my AMAZING family, of course) that will always be there for you no matter what, not just when they need you ❤



Welp, it’s 2012! Last year went by entirely too quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you have a busy year, planning a wedding & all. We’re STILL working on writing and getting those thank you cards out ;\ Going on 3 months now..? Hey, better late than never, right?

I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us. David has just this one last quarter of school before he graduates with a BS in Computer Science and I am SO proud of him! School comes easy for him, but these last quarters seem to be moving along slowly. It always happens like that, doesn’t it? Anyways, I plan on throwing a little shindig in honor of him. 🙂 He deserves it. Me on the other hand… I just cannot bring myself to getting back in to school. Ugh. Me and school are not friends. I want to have my own little day care one day, so I’m working on getting the house finished up (FINALLY!) and getting the required certificates to do so. It’s all a work in progress. Always.

I’m also planning a baby shower for one of my co-workers! Planning parties is SO fun and stressful all at the same time. I’m kind of a perfectionist and over think the decor, so I go a little crazy during the planning process. But in the end, sitting back and looking at all the work I’ve done, makes me feel good. We’ll see how it goes! I’ll have to remember to bring in my camera that day. That’s next Friday & I’ve only bought some onesies and the gift.  I better get on it! I plan on making a banner and decorating with balloons, and flowers, of course. Make some cookies for favors? Yeah, sounds good. 🙂 Luckily, it’s a potluck, so I don’t have to worry about making all the food myself or finding somewhere to cater. This is all coming out of MY pocket btw. Not the company ;\

This Friday we have David’s best friend, Taylor’s birthday party to go to. It’s a themed party – we have to dress up like him! How fun is that?! So I’ll be wearing jeans, a plain shirt & a hoodie. EASY PEASY! My little sister got some mustaches to wear because Taylor is always trying to grow his out. I think I’ll have to thin out my mustache so it matches his ;D And the rest of the weekend will be dedicated to house chores, per the usual. We still have our Christmas tree (Hahah!), so that DEFINITELY needs to get dumped this weekend as well.

Until next time! ❤

Oh. Hey, WordPress. Remember me?

Its been a whole month since my last post? Oi. Well, clearly one of my new years resolutions will be to… WRITE MORE POSTS! 😉

A quick little update of our lives… (at least I’ll try to make it quick)


We got our first Christmas tree together!

Growing up, we usually had a fake tree because the smell bothered my mom.  She has a sensitive sniffer 🙂 So I was so so sooo excited to get a real guy!  We set him up right by our front door, so that’s the first thing you smell when you walk in… instead of dirty dishes 😉

That little light up Santa holds a great place in my heart ❤ That was my grandma’s & when she passed away my dad asked if I wanted it. Of course, I did! I used to have him on my desk, at my old job, year round.  Now he only comes out to add a little sparkle to our dinky Christmas decor.


We tortured both our cats purely for our own pleasure…

This only happened once, to each of them because they absolutely hated it 😐 The Santa hat/beard became an ornament on our tree instead.


We celebrated my niece, Montana’s, 12th birthday! I can’t believe she’ll be a little teenager next year!

Spent lots of time with family & friends…

These two. LOVE them ❤ Taylor is David’s best friend and was also his best man in our wedding & Emily is a dear dear friend of mine. I’m so happy that Taylor has brought her in to my life. She is a little ray of sunshine. Always a good time when we hang out with them 🙂

Audrey and Avery always have fun jumping on David whenever we have family get togethers. It melts my stinkin’ heart. Cannot WAIT to see him with our own kids one day ❤

Lys & I are both already 6foot. Add 5inch heels to that & you get two amazon women! Doesn’t help that Sarah & Misty are both just barely 5footers 😉 I was so happy that I got to see Misty when she was down visiting family for Christmas. And it’s always good seeing my dear friend, Sarah.


I made some awesome gifts! I’m REAL proud of myself. Found the idea on Pinterest and totally one-upped it!

They called it a “man-bouquet”. Cute, right?! My brothers were pleased as punch to receive them. What man wouldn’t be?!

We also received some pretty amazing hand made gifts…

David’s mom made these adorable owl pillows for us! When I opened them I asked where she bought them from! 😉 I’m still trying to convince her to make and sell them on etsy!


Oh, Christmas morning. I always feel so jolly during these holidays. Although it was 75+ degrees on Christmas day, it was lovely as ever. I was dressed in a heavier coat & a huge comfy scarf before we headed out to my parents, and David just looked at me and said, “You know it’s going to be like 80degrees today, right?” Bahumbug. Christmas is supposed to COLD! We’re supposed to be bundled up, sipping hot cocoa with loved ones around the fireplace! Not sweating bullets because you refuse to get dressed in a summer dress and stick to coats and scarves despite the fact that the sun was shining bright!

I also can’t let go of Halloween this year. It will always be a Halloween to remember, that’s for sure.

We spent an hour of our first Christmas as husband and wife in traffic, driving out to my Aunt’s house in Corona. Traffic going that way is alwaaays bad.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and wish everyone the happiest, safest New Year!  2012 is going to be even better than 2011 – I can feel it! ❤